WHCC21 | Scott Draege

Scott Draeger
Vice President, Customer Transformation

1. What is the top challenge or obstacle facing health care today?
The entire health care ecosystem has very little time to respond to major shifts in policy, practices and regulations. These shifts impact the entire patient, member, payer and provider ecosystem. Health care needs to rapidly adapt to major shifts with minimal implementation and response costs.

2. What are the top priorities for your organization this year?
We're working to digitize or digitalize every process we can. Communications have moved from a series of one-way communications into streams of communications that require more, but simpler interactions. This allows more member and patient experiences to be streamlines, augmented by chatbots or assisted by a call center in less time.

3. What do you feel are the key drivers of health care transformation?
Partnership and collaboration are critical as the opposing forces of expanding customer technology and focus on privacy push everyone into a defensive stance that slows down innovation that improves the patient and member experience. This delivers poor experience while increasing communication costs.

4. What are some of the key trends you are seeing with respect to employer-sponsored health care?
Pre-renewal marketing to the members before renewal time is helping payers retain customers before renewals when they know the employees have choice of a variety of carriers. This new document is like an annual summary, but delivered before the renewal period to remind members of the value they received and the extra hassle of changing insurance info at all of of the family's physicians.

5. How has communication with patients and/or providers changed as a result of the pandemic?
Patients who rapidly accepted video-visits were represented by demographics that were previously assumed to be "non-digital." This changes how patients expected information from their providers and payers, as they realized that immediate and clear communication were both possible and convenient