WHCC20 | Interviews

Lisa Lilley, RNC, MS
Vice President, Ambulatory Quality and Risk
Christus Health System

What is the top challenge or obstacle facing health care today?
One of the biggest challenges in healthcare today is the shift from fee for service to value-based payment. Organizations have to manage traditional payment structures along with risk-sharing, all while balancing resources and not overloading clinicians. Finding scalable, efficient ways to decrease the administrative burden that comes with value based payments is challenging.

What has you most optimistic about the future of health care?
I am most optimistic about the ability of “big data” to help us impact patient outcomes. Quality metrics are great for tracking that things are getting done, but really being able to see how what we are doing is impacting patients in real time is very exciting. I look forward to learning from other organizations as well as sharing what we have learned with others.

What motivates you to keep doing the work that you do?
I love working for an organization that is mission based. Although being a good steward of resources is critical, I really appreciate that if it is the right thing to do for patients and the community, the organization will find a way to support it. Our leaders display our values both personally and professionally, and I find that very motivating.

What is your biggest goal, personal or professional, for the end of 2020?
My personal goal for the end of the year is to complete a century—a 100-mile bicycle ride.

What’s one life hack that you have to make your day-to-day life more productive?
I take breaks during the day – a quick walk, 5 minutes to meditate. My brain is more refreshed, and I get more accomplished than by just trying to power through.

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